Sammy - Riku - Petteri - Sandhill team





The Sandhill Team


Riku Pasanen (born 1975) is the father of Sandhill Audio. Although the team has had a shared custody for years, Sandhill to him is like an own child. Riku is an automation engineer with studies of for example industrial design. Riku' s company, inherited from his father, fabricates and designs parts as well as equipment for the needs of the metal industry. Riku has studied musical theory and his main instruments are accordion and guitar. Through his own words, musicality is something that you cannot escape from. Since childhood music has been a great part of Riku's life in forms of playing in bands and recording them. As time has passed,  the musicality has found new forms, Sandhill being one of them. Riku is the spark of the Sandhill team. "The idea is the key, and you don´t give up if you feel something’s meaningful to you", he says. Riku is in charge of all the mechanical design and fabrication at Sandhill.


Petteri Taponen (born 1984) is the lord of the soldering iron at Sandhill. Since his teenage years playing music as well as building and repairing musical instruments has been a great desire for him. He is specialized in repairing tube amplifiers, and he thinks that every challenge brought to him by a customer is a chance to learn something new. It was a new challenge that led him to studio technology as well. “Curiosity is a driving force but questioning makes you stay on the right track,” he says. Petteri thinks that the best way to gain ground is to set oneself challenges that one cannot back away from. Petteri is responsible of the electronics research, design and fabrication at Sandhill.


Sammy Roiha (born 1973) is a multi-expert sound guy. In the 1980’s the interest of playing the guitar and creating music led him to studio sessions with his earliest bands. The natural continuum for this was putting up his first own demo studio in 1991. Before making his studio commercial, Sammy studied laboratory engineering for six years. Since 1999 Sammy has worked for a consulting company in the field of sound analysis and measurement. Sandhill to Sammy is a reward for all his laborious work- few years ago he couldn’t have imagined a way to combine his education, work experience and working with music in such an inspiring and rewarding company. Having studied the psychology of achieving, Sammy has noted that many of the barriers in life are set by people themselves. This knowledge has played an important role in the creation of the Sandhill ribbon microphones. Sammy tries to focus all his experience and knowledge in the Sandhill R&D into finding what is worth reaching for. He is the dog-ears of the Sandhill team and the interpreter between the customer field and the product research.