A new microphone always fascinates a user with it's fresh character. Quality comes in to play when the product convinces one over and over again creating a feeling of trust. When people generally are asked to describe quality, they mention things like durability and usefulness. We at Sandhill think one should be able to demand those basic qualities from a microphone as well. In fact durability and usefulness have become the corner stone of all Sandhill product development.

Quality comes from attitude. There is always a person behind quality and observing quality benefits the user as well as the manufacturer. The high and constant Sandhill quality is not a coincidence. It comes about a tight criteria and the knowledge of how much one can deviate from it. The criteria is based on empirical knowledge of what the quality control should be focused on. Sandhill Audio Oy applies it’s own quality system that consists of all the phases of manufacturing from acknowledged material suppliers to individual technical and audible testing of the final product. The sound of every Sandhill microphone is documented to ensure the high quality standards are met.



Sandhill audio uses hi graded raw materials and follows the ISO9001 manufacturing requirements.

Laboratory conditions of the ribbon manufacturing process are kept constant and accepted variation tolerances in the mechanical and electrical properties of the ribbon are tight to ensure a high consistency between microphones. The manufacturing process of each ribbon is well documented. Documentation is a key to a long term product quality monitoring and development in the future.




All the critical components are hand-selected for lowest noise and distortion. Hand-soldered printed circuit boards are assembled with high-quality through-hole components making them basically indestructible. The transformers are custom-made by one of the world’s best audio transformer manufacturers, the Swedish company Lundahl. Every microphone’s impedance balancing is hand-trimmed for the best common-mode signal rejection.


Auditive testing


Every Sandhill ribbon microphone goes through the same documented test sequence and listening test prior to shipping. The audio files from the tests are available for registered users in Sandhill Audio website (please note though that the registration isn't available yet).

Sandhill ribbon microphones have such a high consistency that generally any two microphones of the same type can be used as a stereo pair.  If you have special requirements for the stereo pair, don’t hesitate to contact Sandhill Audio for audible precision matching.