Klimenko, mp3

This clip is a sample from the final mix of Victor Klimenko's re-arrangement of the old traditional Finnish Christmas song (Sylvian joululaulu - Sylvias hälsning från Sicilien). Sandhill 6011A was used in vocal, upright bass, mandolin and accordion. In vocals, signal went through Avalon VT-737SP to SSL iBox-48-A AD converter and finally to Nuendo DAW. All other instruments were recorded through Studer 962 preamp to SSL iBox-48-A. Sum mix was done analogically with an Amek Recall desk.


Halinen, mp3

This clip introduces perfectly how Sandhill manages with sound pressure level changes. Sound remains  "fat" regardless of singers sound pressure level. 6011A was used in vocal (approx. 60 cm distance) and grand piano in the center of a stereo image about 70 cm from strings. DPA 4007 ORTF pair was used to bring side information for the grand piano. There was also a DPA 4041 wide AB stereo pair at open lid side about 2m from the ground level. All mic signals were chained trough a Studer 962 preamps and a SSL iBox-48-A AD converter into Nuendo DAW. Only processing was a 50Hz high pass filter in the vocal  with an Oxford plugin and the final master was limited 1dB with an UAD plugin.


Drum, ambience

For this un-edited clip a Sandhill 6011A pair was placed in Blumlein layout at 2,2 m distance from snare center in a fairly large, 100 m2 and 4 m high studio room. The set was recorded through API 512C preamps and SSL iBox-48-A AD converter with a Nuendo DAW.






Guitar riff 1, close

Guitar riff 2, blumlein + close

Guitar clear tapping, close


For these 3 audio clips, we used a tube Koch Studiotone amplifier and VOX open back 12" x 2 cabinet with silver Celestion speakers. A blumlein pair was set 1 meter from the cabinet and a close-mic was placed 5 cm away from speaker and 5 cm sideways from dust cap. Studer 962 preamps were used for the blumlein and Amek Recall for the close microphone.


Accordion blumlein

This accordion clip was recorded in live-studio session at studio Petrax in Hollola, Finland. Sandhill's were set to Blumlein in 1,3 meter from instrument. Signal went to Amek Galileo/Neve preamps to Pro Tools 24bit 44,1KHz. No Eq:ing or any processing. The clip that you hear is Sandhill's only.







Drumset ambience, mp3

Sandhills again in blumlein front of a set about 5 meter from snare center. Clip is recorded at Studio Petrax, Hollola, Finland in spacy 500m3 studio. Signal from Sandhills to Amek Galileo/Neve pres to Pro Tools system in 24bit/44,1kHz.






Soprano Vocal (video clip)

This sample file is linked to YouTube service. Here Sandhill 6011A's were used in soprano vocal and grand piano in CAP array. Signal chain straight forward Sandhill - Studer 962 preamps - SSL iBox-48-A AD - Nuendo DAW.


This session was recorded and filmed in medieval stone Church of Saint Lawrence in Lohja, Finland.





All files are un-edited and only normalized for MP3 -conversion.