Sandhill ribbon microphones

What is Sandhill 6011A?

Sandhill is a ribbon microphone that can be used in most applications where you always wanted to use your ribbon microphones but didn’t quite have the courage. Now you can bring your studio ribbon sound to any live situation whether it's an inside or outside venue. In the studio it is a very versatile and straightforward tool to capture the sound that you hear.


- Innovative and original Scandinavian design.
- Nano Composite Ribbon Technology (NCRT) ribbon transducer.
- High SPL capability.
- Minimal screening of the ribbon results in an open and natural tone.
- No special handling precautions needed.
- Perfect for studios and live use.
- Classic tone and behavior of a long ribbon microphone.
- Active circuitry ensures a consistency of sound with any preamp you choose to work with.
- Extreme level linearity - large dynamics do not sacrifice the sound in postproduction.





21.05.2015    Prosound Network Review! Rob Tavaglione reviewed the Sandhill 6011A for Pro Sound News and Pro Audio Review: http://www.prosoundnetwork.com/article/re...

04.05.2015    A stellar review of the 6011A in RECORDING magazine May 2015 issue! Sandhill 6011A was reviewed by RECORDING magazine for their May 2015 issue. 

05.11.2014    DISTRIBUTION in US Network Pro Marketing Inc in now the distributor of Sandhill Ribbon Microphones in North and South America.

26.10.2014    A dealer in Switzerland. Heimlicher.net in Switzerland is now a Sandhill dealer. Contact them at info@heimlicher.net

05.09.2014    137th AES convention in Los Angeles, CA Sandhill Audio will be exhibiting at the 137th Internetional AES Convention in Los Angeles, California October 9-12. Visit us a...

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